The University of Sydney

Acronym: SYD


  1. CampusFlora CampusFlora is the product of a collaboration between staff and students where we have used a “students as partners” model. Our undergraduates have advised on the user interface (incl. icon design), co-authored papers and contributed photographs...
  2. Haswell Museum The Haswell Museum is a valuable and historic collection of more than 7000 zoological teaching specimens founded by the University of Sydney’s first Challis Professor of Zoology, William Aitcheson Haswell (1854-1925).
  3. John Ray Herbarium The John Ray Herbarium is one of the largest University Herbaria in the country with 62,503 specimens. The Herbarium was commenced by the first Professor of Botany, Prof. A Lawson, in 1916. It is a teaching and taxonomic collection for research in the School of Biological Sciences, and a repository for specimens collected during various research enterprises.
  4. Macleay Museum - Entomology One of the oldest and historically most significant insect collections in Australia, containing specimens dating from 1756.
  5. The University of Sydney, Department of Geology Fossil Collection

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