1. Agricultural Scientific Collections Unit The collections represent a physical record of the insects and related forms associated with agricultural activity in New South Wales since 1890. The Forests NSW insect collection (FCNI) was incorporated into this collection in June 2013.
  2. Australian Inoculants Research Group
  3. Forestry Commission of NSW Insect Collection This collection, administered by NSW Department of Primary Industries, includes Australian forest and forest product insects, including a range of exotic forest insects of quarantine significance.
  4. New South Wales Plant Pathology Herbarium The Plant Pathology Herbarium (DAR), records all plant diseases of NSW - all types including fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes. The herbarium includes a living fungal, bacterial and plant virus culture collection (5,000 isolates).
  5. State Forests of New South Wales Herbarium Reference collection of forest fungi for use by New South Wales State Forests foresters and scientists.

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