The IMVS Mycology Collection contains over 10,000 isolates of medically important fungi (yeasts and moulds). Most isolates are from human infections, but many isolates of animal origin are also held. Yeasts include a large collection of Candida and Cryptococcus (both environmental and clinical) species. The collection contains isolates of most human pathogenic mould species, including Dermatophytes, Aspergillus, Scedosporium, Fusarium, Paecilomyces, black moulds like Bipolaris, Exophiala, Cladophialophora, and zygomycetes like Rhizopus, to name a few.

The collection was established in 1975 and continues to the present.

Taxonomic range

Fungi of medical importance.

Geographic range

Primarily Australasia.

Number of cultures in the collection

The estimated number of cultures in the IMVS Mycology Culture Collection is 6,000.

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The IMVS Mycology Culture Collection has an estimated 6,000 cultures.

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