The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria provides a focus for plant taxonomy and systematics in Victoria and provides a rich resource for botanical information. The collection supports the work of staff at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, researchers and students at tertiary institutions, and researchers nationally and internationally. The collection contains vouchers authenticating the nomenclature of the living collections held by the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria at their Melbourne Gardens and Cranbourne Gardens.

The fungal collection from the Monash University Herbarium (MUCV) and the CSIRO Division of Forest Products - Wood decay fungi collection (N.E.M. Walters Fungal Collection) was transferred to MEL.

Part of the University of Queensland Herbarium (BRIU) - angiosperms were transferred to MEL in 1992.

The collection was established in 1853 and continues to the present.

Taxonomic range

All major plant groups and fungi and algae are represented.

Kingdoms covered include: Fungi, Plantae and Protista.

Geographic range

Worldwide, with emphasis on Australia, especially Victoria.

Australian states covered include: Western Australia; Northern Territory; South Australia; Queensland; New South Wales; Australian Capital Territory; Victoria; Tasmania; external territories.

The western most extent of the collection is: -180.000000°

The eastern most extent of the collection is: 180.000000°

The northern most extent of the collection is: 90.000000°

The southern most extent of the collection is: -90.000000°

Number of specimens in the collection

The estimated number of specimens in the National Herbarium of Victoria is 1,386,403.

Of these 868,232 are databased. This represents 62.6 % of the collection.

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The National Herbarium of Victoria contains these significant collections:

  • Significant Historical Collections - D.J. Anderson, T. Anderson, W.E. Armit, J. Banks & D. Solander, R.A. Bastow, R.A. Black, W. Bauerlen, T.W.N. Beckett, H. Beckler, O.C. Berg, J.S. Blanchett, R. Brown, J. Chalmers, M. Coch, H. Cuming, J. Dallachy, A. Dietrich, J. Drummond, J.L. Dufour, C.F. Ecklon, H.O. Forbes, E. Giles, C. Gay, A.F.M. Glaziou, H.P. Guppy, H.F. Hance, W.H. Harvey, A. Henry, T. Horsfield, W.R. Hostmann, F.W. Junghuhn, J. Kirk, J.G.C. Lehmann, F.W.L. Leichhardt, L. Lepine, F. Leybold, F. Lindheimer, S. MacFarlane, E.A. Maire, C.F. P. von Martius, G. Maxwell, K. Moritz, A. Morrison, F.J.H. Mueller, A.F. Oldfield, J. Orknie, J. Pancher, J.A.L. Preiss, C.G. Pringle, T.S. Ralph, F.M. Reader, J. Reedy, J.F. Roberts, F. Roemer, G.W. Schimper, G. Schweinfurth, B. Seemann, F. Sellow, F.W. Sieber, O.W. Sonder, J. Steetz, C. Stuart, A. J. Tadgell, J.E.Teijsmann, J.H.K., Thwaites, N.A. Wakefield, F.M.J. Welwitsch, S.J.Whitmee, J.J.Widgren, R. Wight, H.B. Williamson, J.H. Willis, F.R.M Wilson, J.B. Wilson, C.L.P. Zeyher, H. Zollinger.
  • Significant Special Collections - W. Hillebrand (Hawaii), Sonder herbarium, J. Steetz herbarium, A.C. Beauglehole, M. & J. Simmons, I.G. Stone, W.Woelkerling.
  • Spirit Collection - 9,450 jars

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The National Herbarium of Victoria has an estimated 1,386,403 specimens.
The collection has databased 62.6 % of these (868,232 records).

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