The Murdoch University Herbarium (MURU) is primarily a teaching (reference) and research collection.

The macro-algae from MURU (Western Australia and Great Barrier Reef) has been transferred to the Western Australia Herbarium (PERTH).

Statistics taken (September 2010) from the Biodiversity Collections Index: (BCI Last updated: July 2008)

The collection was established in 1975 and continues to the present.

Taxonomic range

Vascular plants of Western Australia, including seaweeds and seagrasses. Includes a significant collection of ectomycorrhizal fungi of Western Australia.

Kingdoms covered include: Fungi and Plantae.

Geographic range

Mainly Western Australia

Australian states covered include: Western Australia.

Number of specimens and cultures in the collection

The estimated number of specimens and cultures in the Murdoch University Herbarium is 7,000.

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Digitised records available through the Atlas

The Murdoch University Herbarium has an estimated 7,000 specimens and cultures.

No database records for this collection can be accessed through the Atlas of Living Australia.

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