CampusFlora is the product of a collaboration between staff and students where we have used a “students as partners” model. Our undergraduates have advised on the user interface (incl. icon design), co-authored papers and contributed photographs. Lachlan Pettit started on the project as his Adv Botany project (2013) and he continued to work on the project as Summer Scholar (2014); he was the presenting author on our first Campus Flora paper for, a national teaching and learning forum, in September 2014 (see Publications and Dissemination). Caroline Cheung was our second Summer Scholar (2015), and she has presented the ClimateWatch trail project at Ecology Society of Australia, Adelaide, 2015. A group of Computer Science students from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney developed the GooglePlay version of CampusFlora semester 2, 2015.

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