The Northern Territory Herbarium (Darwin & Alice Springs) provides conservation and plant taxonomic advice to the community. The collection records the floristic diversity of native and introduced plants in the Northern Territory with over 4,300 species of native plants, 702 endemic and over 400 introduced. While the Northern Territory flora is primarily Australian in origin and occurrence, it naturally includes many species also found in nearby New Guinea, Timor-Leste and eastern Indonesia. The Northern Territory Herbarium maintains over 270,000 vascular plant specimens primarily from across northern and central Australia, but also Timor and Wetar.

The Northern Territory Herbarium in Alice Springs (NT) was founded in 1954, with a separate collection in Darwin (DNA) in late 1966. In 1989 the bulk of the collections in Alice Springs were shifted to Palmerston and combined with the Darwin collection. The collection in Alice Springs, still referred to as NT, remains as a reference and research collection for the arid zone of the Northern Territory.

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The collection was established in 1966 and continues to the present.

Taxonomic range

All vascular plant groups. Growing collections of algae, bryophytes and fungi.

Kingdoms covered include: Fungi and Plantae.

Geographic range

Primarily Northern Territory monsoonal tropics and arid zone. Also tropical W.A and Qld, some Timor, Wetar.

Australian states covered include: Northern Territory.

Number of specimens and cultures in the collection

The estimated number of specimens and cultures in the Northern Territory Herbarium (Darwin) is 243,000.

Of these 242,000 are databased. This represents 99.6 % of the collection.

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The Northern Territory Herbarium (Darwin) contains these significant collections:

  • Significant Collections - D. E. Albrecht, K. G. Brennan, N. Byrnes, G. M. Chippendale, I. D. Cowie, C. R. Dunlop, P. K. Latz, J. R. Maconochie

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The Northern Territory Herbarium (Darwin) has an estimated 243,000 specimens and cultures.
The collection has databased 99.6 % of these (242,000 records).

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