The Western Australian Seed Technology Centre in Kings Park is managed by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority in Perth. Kings Park has had a strong botanical collection program since 1963 with a focus on the Western Australian flora. Field collecting trips are undertaken throughout Western Australia to collect material for conservation, display, education, research and restoration programs.

In addition to supporting the Botanic Garden with material for conservation, display and education, the Seed Centre also supports the Kings Park Science Directorate which undertakes integrated and innovative research in native plant biology, underpinning the conservation and ecological restoration of Western Australia's unique biodiversity, and biodiversity generally.

The Seed Science team undertakes research into fundamental and applied aspects of seed physiology and ecology. The research aims to advance the underlying principles of seed biology and translate these into technologies for plant propagation, conservation, and landscape restoration, and to better understand the role of seeds in shaping the establishment, reproduction, and persistence of plant species and communities.

The Authority has been an inaugural partner with the international Millennium Seed Bank Project and continues to liaise with staff at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

The Seed Centre currently stores seed from more than 3759 species of Western Australian plants with over 10,600 accessions. Over 2,560 taxa are displayed and interpreted in the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include: Plantae.

Geographic range

Western Australia

Australian states covered include: Western Australia.

Number of accessions in the collection

The estimated number of accessions in the WA Seed Technology Centre collection is 10,600.

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The WA Seed Technology Centre collection has an estimated 10,600 accessions.

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