The Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre is a seed bank facility based at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It was opened in 2005 as part of international Millennium Seed Bank Project. The seed bank is focused on the native flora of Tasmania, with a particular emphasis on Tasmania's Rare and Threatened plants. A small number of introduced weeds and garden exotics are also held. The seed bank currently has one full time member of staff and a number of volunteers who assist in the processing and curation of the seed collections. Collecting priorities for the seed bank are informed and assisted by staff of the Biodiversity and Conservation Branch of Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. Collection verification is handled by the staff of the Tasmanian Herbarium.

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include: Plantae.

The Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre collection includes members from the following taxa:
Current holdings are of the vascular flora of the State of Tasmania. Collections represent 107 families, 372 genera and 945 species and 971 distinct taxa..

Geographic range

Collections have been made from Flinders and King Islands in the Bass Straits down to Macquarie Island in the Antarctic Ocean.

Number of accessions in the collection

The estimated number of accessions in the Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre collection is 1,291.

Of these 1,291 are databased. This represents 100.0 % of the collection.

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Digitised records available through the Atlas

The Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre collection has an estimated 1,291 accessions.
The collection has databased 100.0 % of these (1,291 records).

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