Over 70,000 specimens have been registered in this collection, which has a particular emphasis on South Australian and arid zone fauna. A second major regional focus is Melanesia, especially the island of New Guinea (Papua New Guinea and Papua Province, Indonesia), with some 6,000 registered specimens. Most material is formalin-fixed and stored in 70% alcohol, with tadpoles stored in formalin. There is a significant dry skeletal collection of over 1,500 specimens, mostly skulls, and this will continue to be expanded. Since 1980, the great majority of specimens acquired (approx. 40,000) have had tissue samples (mostly liver) taken for genetic and biochemical research. These are held in the S.A. Museum's Australian Biological Tissue Collection.

All specimens are individually registered and the data entered on a collections management system. All specimens are stored on-site in the S.A. Museum Science Centre alcohol storage facilities.

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include: Animalia.

Number of specimens in the collection

The estimated number of specimens in the South Australian Museum Herpetology Collection is 70,000.

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The South Australian Museum Herpetology Collection has an estimated 70,000 specimens.

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