Te Papa’s herbarium (WELT) contains some 300 000 dried plant specimens. Founded in 1865, it holds a wealth of historical collections, with more type specimens of New Zealand plants than any other institution in the country.

The plant groups covered are marine macro-algae (seaweeds), lichens, liverworts, mosses, lycophytes, ferns, and seed plants (but not fungi). The focus is on plants that are native or introduced to New Zealand. Ancillary collections include fossils, wood samples, botanical art, images of New Zealand types held overseas, curiosities, and extensive New Zealand botanical literature.

Images of most types and many historical specimens are available from:

The collection was established in 1865 and continues to the present.

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Number of specimens and samples in the collection

The estimated number of specimens and samples in the Herbarium of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is 300,000.

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The Herbarium of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa contains these significant collections:

  • Principal collections - B.C. Aston, J. Buchanan, L. Cockayne, W. Colenso, T. Kirk, C. Knight, W. Martin, J.H. McMahon, W.R.B. Oliver, D. Petrie, and G.O.K. Sainsbury
  • Other well-represented collectors - N.M. Adams, P.J. Beveridge, P.J. Brownsey, W.D. Burke, D. Glenny, B.G. Hamlin, C.H. Hay, P.N. Johnson, W.A. Nelson, C.C. Ogle, L.R. Perrie, B. Polly, and B.V. Sneddon
  • Other significant collectors - J. Banks & D. Solander, S. Berggren, A. Cunningham, W.H. Harvey, J.D. Hooker, V.W. Lindauer, and H.H. Travers
  • Incorporated herbaria - most of Victoria University of Wellington’s WELTU

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The Herbarium of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa has an estimated 300,000 specimens and samples.

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