The Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife's Threatened Flora Seed Centre was established in 1992 to safeguard genetically representative seed collections of the State's conservation-listed flora. This insurance policy complements other strategies designed to protect Western Australia's floral diversity, including use of these seeds in recovery actions such as threatened species reintroduction. The Centre is principally involved in seed collection and long-term storage, including research into germination biology, and seed quality, seed longevity and seed ecology.

The Centre is located in the department's Science Division, Flora Conservation and Herbarium Program in Perth which is responsible for a wide range of complementary plant conservation research including:

- Plant reintroduction

- Genetic studies into seed sourcing, sampling and the viability of plant populations

- Threat susceptibility studies, including disease, salinity and climate change

- Taxonomy

Since 1992 the Centre has successfully stored seeds from an estimated 3638 collections. These collections comprise 77 per cent of Australia's nationally threatened species (EPBC Act), 78 per cent of WA's Declared Rare Flora and 22 per cent of WA's Priority flora, including seed from a wide range of species associated with Threatened Ecological Communities.

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include: Plantae.

Geographic range

Western Australia, with the majority of collections originating from the South West Australian Floristic Region (SWAFR), a global hot spot of biodiversity.

Number of accessions in the collection

The estimated number of accessions in the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife, Threatened Flora Seed Centre collection is 3,638.

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The WA Department of Parks and Wildlife, Threatened Flora Seed Centre collection has an estimated 3,638 accessions.

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